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Inundation Audiobook

Inundation Audiobook

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When the waters rose, first came the plagues, then came the demons, and finally came the angels.

But not everything that comes from the sky is heaven-sent.

Camila López is determined to hold back the rising tide. But with demons crawling out of the murky waters surrounding Old Nueva York, being half-angel doesn't feel like enough. She battles the darkness alongside her best friends, and finds a powerful ally in a man who tempts her with the safety she’s always craved.

When the attacks escalate, Camila protects the people she loves by smiting every fiend she encounters with angelfire. But through it all, the motivations of the Church leave her with more questions than answers, especially when it comes to angels, and to defend her city she must discover the truth.

Learning that truth may be the weapon they finally need to defeat the monsters. Or it may destroy the delicate balance that’s held the city together this long.

Inundation is the thrilling first book in the Children of Angels post-apocalyptic fantasy series. If you like diverse characters, complex relationships, and explosive twists and turns, then you’ll love this fight for the future.

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