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Marked by Odin Paperback

Marked by Odin Paperback

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Compassion is the mark of the true alpha.

When Brand finds himself thrust into leadership after the demise of his sadistic brother, he must navigate a treacherous path of change to secure the future of the Vancouver brood. With the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, he teams up with Gunni, grappling with his own grief, to track down a ruthless tracker who threatens their kin.

Enter Leo, an outsider drawn into the world of shifters, who finds himself at odds with the Broods of Fenrir. As alliances form and secrets simmer beneath the surface, Leo and Gunni are thrust into a perilous journey through a relentless blizzard, where trust becomes their only lifeline. Neither one of them is comfortable with the emotions that bloom in the space between them, but how long will they be able to resist as the moon approaches full?

Amidst the chaos, Brand and his allies must confront challenges from within, guarding a secret that could unravel everything they hold dear.

Marked by Odin delivers a pulse-pounding narrative filled with heart-melting alphas, the resilience of found family, and the allure of fated mates. If you crave an enthralling read that seamlessly blends the primal with the contemporary, look no further than this gripping tale of courage, loyalty, and love.

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