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Stoneshaper eBook

Stoneshaper eBook

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He’s been running so long he’s forgotten what home feels like.

Vanson never wanted his gift for Stoneshaping to be used as a weapon of war. Convinced that the war's architect--his own brother--would rather see him dead than defiant, he changed his name and crossed the continent to escape his previous life.

These days, his main concern is repaying his escalating gambling debts and Vanson is convinced he has everything under control, until a strange woman with a deadly sword rescues him from thugs sent by an impatient moneylender. She also tells him trackers from his homeland have nearly found him.

He doesn't trust the swordswoman; she knows more than she should about his identity and the situation back home, and she won't say why she's helping him. Still, she can get him out of the city without being discovered. And she might have answers to the spiral of questions prompted by her sudden appearance. Going along with her just might be worth the risk.

Join Van on his adventures by reading a sample chapter.

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